Nous sommes véganes et certifiés PETA

Pour B&C, le développement durable va au-delà de l’utilisation raisonnée des ressources. Nous tenons à faire en sorte que nos produits soient inoffensifs pour vous, pour les travailleurs, mais aussi pour les animaux. C’est pour cette raison que nos articles sont certifiés PETA.

Des vêtements véganes ?

When talking about vegan, most people think of food. The idea is that it is a lot more efficient to eat plant-based food, than to feed plants to animals and then eat the meat. With a vegan diet, we can save on energy, water and transport. So that’s better for our planet.

And of course, there is also an ethical reason: do we want to contribute to the suffering or death of other living beings? At B&C, the answer is ‘no’. That’s why we asked animal-rights organisation PETA to assess our supply chain. They have officially certified that no animals are harmed at any stage in our product supply chain.

An extra guarantee for (y)our conscious consumers.

Qui est PETA ?

PETA stands for ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’. This UK-based foundation is dedicated to the protection of animal rights. It fights against animal cruelty and promotes meat-free, animal-friendly lifestyles. Part of their mission is to certify that products are free from animal products and animal cruelty.

PETA is a well-known reference it the field of animal protection and vegan products.

Pourquoi B&C est-elle certifiée PETA ?

B&C does not use any animal products in the production of its garments and will not do so in the future. It is as simple as that.