The new tradeshow season is finally here, and we’ll be there.

After two years of uncertainty it’s great to be able to get together again. It’s the best opportunity to meet, greet and find out what’s new. The perfect chance to get ahead of the game thanks to innovative new products and techniques. A place to connect and talk about the future, make plans and work together to boost business!

Whether you’re looking for innovation, a new iconic range to drive your business forward, or you just want to rediscover the best-selling must have styles to make your business shine in 2023, then come and visit us at the main trade shows across Europe and roadshows in France and Belgium over the coming weeks.


We’re excited to share our world of colourful inspiration

Each one of our 133 styles has been carefully crafted with your business in mind. A range of fits, fabrics, sizes to meet every need, and colours that will comfort, delight and surprise you.

Come and see us and we’ll show you how the diversity of the B&C Sweatshirt collection means that there’s a quality style for each project, whatever the budget. Or find out how the B&C Inspired Tomorrow_° line of t-shirts, poloshirts and sweatshirts are not only the most fashionable but also a great sustainable choice for conscious customers. We’ll be happy to show you all these styles and many more, and help you discover the 157 colours that make B&C Collection unique.

Let’s not forget what’s new!

B&C polo shirts have led the market since 1997, becoming the reference for their fit, fabric and versatility for decoration. We’ve built on this heritage to bring you a new collection of outstanding poloshirts inspired by the style of iconic retail brands but renewed to meet the expectations of the modern wearer.

B&C My Polo A Reference is Born

10 Styles / 1 Fit / 2 Fabrics 2 Weights / SSL & LSL / All in Duo

A new design with an iconic 2-button placket, an innovative high-density fine piqué for a retail quality feel and perfect printability, a wide range of sizes to fit all body types, and colours that will blow your mind! Not forgetting B&C My Eco Polo with its impeccable sustainable credentials.

We look forward to personally introducing you to this atemporal polo collection, we’re convinced it will become your new favourite poloshirt!

We’re at an event near you

Whether you’re eager to discover the new B&C My Polo Collection, reconnect with your favourite B&C styles or whether you just want to come and meet with us to talk about the future then come and meet us at an event near you.

We look forward to seeing you!