B&C’s path to sustainability

Since its creation in 1997, sustainability has been at the heart of B&C. Our 360° approach focusses on the 3 Ps (people, product, planet) to generate prosperity for all our stakeholders, including you. Discover how (y)our apparel contributes to a better world.

B&C’s holistic approach to sustainability

Sustainability is not only a well-staffed department at B&C, it is a transversal mindset throughout the organisation. All little bits count: from using fair-trade sugar in our coffee to using a carbon neutral warehouse for (y)our products.

We are convinced that prosperity stems from caring for products, people and planet. What about you?

Responsible and traceable PRODUCTS

We are passionate about creativity and innovation. You can count on us for new fibres, designs and trims, with perfect printability and durable quality. Our multi-fibre product portfolio makes uses of sustainable certified fibres as much as possible.

We offer 100% product traceability of Tier 1 (manufacturing) and Tier 2 (fabric maker) of our suppliers’ factories. 80% of our volume is produced by factories that we already partnered with since more than 15 years. Our 22 staff in Asia make sure production is up to standards.

Fair conditions for PEOPLE

At B&C, we care about people: their livelihood, health and safety. We work with 11 partner factories and provide wages to 28,138 workers and their families in 3 countries (BD, PK, CN).

We develop and monitor due diligence processes and CSR policies to make sure working conditions are fair and rights respected. Internal assessments and independent audits help us with that. We are also member of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Caring for our PLANET

We take action to reduce our ecological footprint. 90% of our collection is made of natural fibres such as cotton, and the share of sustainable cotton is on the rise. Our timeless range of garments also significantly reduces any unsold seasonal products.

We also monitor our production processes and their footprint. We work hand-in-hand with our partner factories to limit their environmental impact, waste, water use and energy consumption. They all have ‘effluent treatment plants’.

Our headquarters use 100% renewable energy and our partner warehouse produces its own electricity on-site by solar panels and wind turbines, and provides an additional 2,250 families with green energy.

PROSPERITY for a better world

B&C is a signatory of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as we want to contribute to a better world.

Prosperity is essential, not only for us, but also for our partners and for you. Because in the end, we all benefit from each other’s prosperity. And that creates a virtuous circle that allows us and you to support the other pillars: People, Planet and Product.