On the road to sustainability

At B&C we love a good challenge. That’s why we set out to reduce the impact of our modes of transport. So, buckle up while we take you on a ride through our transportation process.

Transport and logistics make up an important part of the carbon footprint of our industry. As they represent 6% of the greenhouse gas emissions in a garment’s lifecycle, we deliberately choose the greenest modes of transport. B&C is conscious and transparent throughout the entire process and continues its efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Let’s have a look:

Waterway barges from the port to our warehouse

Our first answer to the transportation puzzle is the use of barges for transporting our products. Cargo ships from our suppliers arrive in the port of Antwerp. Instead of using trucks, we transport the goods to our warehouse on barges by inland waterways. Water transport consumes much less energy per ton-mile than road transport. Add to this our centrally located warehouse and we substantially reduce the emissions during transport.

Central location in Europe

Our CO2 emissions created by road transport largely depends on the location of our warehouse. It is situated in a very central location in a non-congested traffic area and close to main transport routes. This helps us to decrease the impact of transport to our wholesalers’ warehouses, as distances are relatively shorter. It also allows us quick delivery and high availability of goods.

Did you know that we reduce a total of 103.3 tons per year in co2-emissions? Curious in finding out more about our initiatives? Head over to our article on the B&C green warehouse.

No air freight policy

Flying contributes to global warming, pollution and has a huge carbon footprint. The booming aviation industry affect the climate and there is no alternative to kerosene in sight yet. That’s why we avoid air freight and favour sea freight. Careful shipment planning lowers our carbon footprint. Our goods travel by container vessels from Asia to the port of Antwerp.

B&C aims for a better world where businesses embrace sustainability. Join us on the road to recovery for our planet!