B&C and their Supplier Partners Take Centre Stage for Anti-Harassment Awareness in Factories

Forget boring PowerPoint presentations ! At B&C, we're raising the curtain on an engaging and accessible awareness programme about anti-harassment and discrimination for factory workers in Bangladesh.

In true collaboration with our suppliers, who generously provided time off to attend, this impactful performance has been rolled-out across various locations. Together, we’re empowering workers and fostering a positive change on a wider scale.

Lights, Camera, Action !

Over 5,500 workers recently became the audience for a powerful play performed by the talented “Theatre Art Unit.” This interactive performance used storytelling, music, and dance to educate and empower workers at all levels.

Empowering Through Education

The play tackled important topics like:

  • Recognising and preventing sexual harassment and abuse
  • Understanding the role of the Anti-harassment Committee and how it works
  • Promoting equal opportunities and the importance of women in leadership roles
  • Raising awareness about different forms of workplace discrimination

This innovative and lively initiative, held in a safe space, free of hierarchy, was designed to reach and engage all workers, whatever their skills, removing all barriers to understanding, making sure it was freely accessible to everyone. It sparked crucial conversations, equipping everyone with the knowledge and confidence to report issues and advocate for their rights.

We’re proud of this initiative and its potential to create a more respectful and inclusive work environment for everyone.

Together with our factory partners, we’re empowering workers and fostering a positive change on a wider scale!