College sweatshirts never go out of style

Since Ivy League students in the US made it part of the preppy look in the 1950s, wearing sweatshirts with the name of their school or team on campus, this timeless style has become a staple of every college and school wear wardrobe around the world.


With bold designs on front, back or chest students everywhere are proud to wear the colours of their school, but they want to be on-trend too. From oversized hoodies to neat sweats which can go from classroom to date, effortless style is a must.


And it’s not just about the garment, the decoration has to look great and last long too! The fabric must provide the smoothest surface for print, ensuring details are bold and colours don’t fade. Quality is not luxury, it’s an obligation.


Let’s talk about fabric, as the needs of both buyers and wearers are evolving. All-season styles, durable conscious fashion, loungewear comfort and new trends in decoration are all driving requests for a range of fabric types which will deliver the best quality in all circumstances.  A sweatshirt collection offering a wide range of fabrics will make it easier to find the right style for each school or university. Meeting customer and wearer expectations as well as the decoration need, you can make sure the result is exactly what’s required.

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A school’s identity is not just its logo, it’s also its colour. And they are not all classic shades! The broader the colour offering of a sweatshirt range, including both classic and more contemporary hues the more likely you are to find the perfect garment in the right colour, the one that will appeal to the young trend conscious wearers.  Apply high quality and durable decoration and you’ll help underpin the values of any school or university.

What’s sure is that every student will want their branded sweatshirt, the one that makes them look fashionable without making it look like they’ve tried too hard!

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