Choosing the best polo shirt for hospitality uniforms is an important decision. The right choice will help create a professional and cohesive branded look for staff, while also providing comfort and durability. So, what are the important things to consider when making your selection?


The fit of a polo shirt plays a huge role in both appearance and comfort. If you want one shirt to meet the needs of both front-of-house staff who require a more polished look and back-of-house staff who want flexibility and ease of movement, then a modern take on a classic cut is a good way to go. Look for styles with an enhanced construction and adjusted collar that will make their fit more comfortable and ergonomic, plus with the right proportions you’ll avoid the creation of unnecessary volume, so the silhouette will stay elegant.


The material of a polo shirt is also an important consideration, to keep teams comfortable in all environments. Cotton and cotton blend fabrics are popular choices – they come in different weights and are easy to care for. There are sustainable fabric choices too, including organic/organic in conversion cotton and recycled polyester, which can be important for more conscious businesses. Fabric isn’t just about look and feel though, it’s also important for customisation, more about that below.


The colour of a polo shirt has a significant impact on the overall look of a uniform. Classic colours like white, black or navy are ideal for a timeless professional look, whilst bold colours can reflect brand personality. Whatever the colour chosen it should complement a company’s branding and create a cohesive image for staff.


A customised polo shirt will create that unique and recognisable look that most businesses look for. Embroidery and print of logos and graphics create a cohesive brand image and make staff easily identifiable to customers. Classic and understated or bold and bright, you’ll need to make sure your polo shirt of choice is made of the right fabric. If it’s a piqué, then the finer the knit and the smoother the surface the better and more lasting your decoration will be.


For any uniform garment, the ability to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and regular washing is key. Polo shirts made of high-quality fabrics and finished to a high standard will be more durable and therefore better value. Not to mention that they will make teams look smarter for longer.

If it all sounds challenging don’t worry, B&C have made things easier for you by creating the market reference polo shirt collection. From classic tailored styles like the B&C Safran to the organic in conversion cotton B&C Inspire polo shirts and most recently the new B&C My Polo Collection, there is a polo style designed to meet the exact needs of any hospitality business.

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