Improving the livelihood of workers (and their families) in our partner factories is one of the key objectives of our social sustainability strategy, and one of the ways we can offer tangible support is through supporting Fair Price Shops on factory premises in partnership with our suppliers.

Improving the daily lives of workers

We’re all affected by the current inflationary pressures, with prices from energy to daily necessities increasing more than we’ve known for many years in most European countries. But we’re not alone,  the cost of living has also increased in Asia, and notably in Bangladesh where daily necessities have seen increasing prices over recent months.


A shop distributing essential commodities, accessible to workers within the factory and located on factory premises. It increases the purchasing power of workers by offering discounts of 5%-20% on commodities such as rice, lentils, oil, soap, toothpaste etc. Operated by specialist organisations, these shops also offer workers additional advantages such as medical insurance.

The first B&C supported Fair Price Shop is open!

We’re very pleased that one of our factory partners has given us the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a FAIR PRICE SHOP in their factories.

The shop was officially opened by our CEO Murielle Degeest and our partner’s senior management in late December 2022. We’re convinced this will allow workers involved in the production of our garments to access products that will help them and their families live better every day.

In addition to offering basic commodities at discounted prices, B&C’s support can in future allow for extra promotions with special discounts on selected products. The licensed operator who will run the shop has also committed to providing free medical insurance to workers who are loyal shoppers. That’s a great advantage for workers, their families and the community as a whole!

A springboard for the improvement of living conditions

Only 30 apparel producing companies in Bangladesh have set-up this type facility for their workers so we are very proud that one of our trusted partners is amongst this number. It shows that we share the same values and it’s the perfect springboard for future partnerships focused on the continuous improvement of working conditions in factories.

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