The last few years have seen the rise of Oversized Sweatshirts being worn on the street, at the office and even on the red carpet! This is one on-trend style that’s quickly become a staple in every wardrobe thanks to its comfortable and relaxed fit and its versatility.

1. From casual to catwalk

Your favourite oversize sweat is not just for lounging around the house anymore. Since many high-end fashion brands have jumped on board producing their own premium versions, oversized sweatshirts are being dressed up (or down) to create unique looks.  Paired with fashionable cropped skinny jeans and heels for perfect French Girl style, or baggy pants and sneakers for real street cred. From cover-up to statement piece, the oversized sweatshirt has made its mark across the fashion spectrum.

2. Mix, match and layer

Coordinating a look isn’t just about colour. Fabric and volume also have a role to play. Pairing your oversize sweatshirt with fitted pieces adds an extra dimension in which to mix and match, creating more unique looks by adding volume to the equation.

Or think about layering. It’s a problem when you only consider fitted styles, but add an oversize into the mix and you immediately create more options, keeping your silhouette clean, with no unsightly bumps or uncomfortable bunching.

3. Make a statement

Want your look to stand-out? With bold logos, stand out graphics and vibrant colours OVERSIZE sweatshirts offer a fun and unique way to express your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic and understated look or a bold and eye-catching outfit, there’s an oversized sweatshirt to match your mood.

4. Surf on a trend

With their versatility, comfort and statement making style it’s no wonder oversized sweatshirts have become a must-have for any athleisure brand. Transitioning from office to errands and then to your workout without having to change is a real time saver. A roomy, warm and cozy sweatshirt is your ideal partner on those days when a comfortable laid-back look is what fits your mood.

5. The B&C Royal Sweatshirts have OVERSIZE credibility

Extremely soft and luxurious and with a modern cut that make them look just as good in OVERSIZE as for classic wear, the B&C Royal Line is all you need if you’re looking for versatile sweatshirts which you can style in your own unique way.

Their supreme printability will make your bold graphics shine, whichever of the 21 available colours you choose as your oversize canvas.