S/S 2023 COLOUR TRENDS. From New York to Milan, the guide to what’s hot

With a range of hues to rival any artist’s palette, global trends for S/S 23 exude confidence, with the return of core colour groups – brights, neutrals, pastels, jewel and earth tones. These shades can transition between seasons, extending the life span of a colours creating a more sustainable range.


Bright shades of green, red and blue have featured across many S/S 23 collections, signalling the continued return of positivity in fashion. Often balanced with classic or muted shades they create striking silhouettes which can transition from casual street wear to stylish work apparel and even sophisticated evening wear.

Soft pastels are still around too, with delicate pinks in the spotlight for men and women alike. Mellow greens and blues complement a romantic trend, conjuring warm seas and Mediterranean skies, the warmth of summer.

The glamour of golden and metallic shades transcends day and night, with gold featuring widely in numerous collections, whilst subtle texture in more muted colours adds depth.

Strike the right balance and let this season’s global colours turn up the volume on your collection.

FASHION WEEKS FEATURE Timeless transitional shades, bold brights and textured tones

NEW YORK: Fantasy, Calm and Utility are the order of the day, expressed through 3 bold and innovative palettes.

LONDON: Ultra-calming neutrals and bright, clashing colours are at the heart of these three colour themes

PARIS: Chic neutral muted tones paired with pops of pastel sums up the three key Parisian colour inspirations

MILAN: From strong neutrals to Y2K-inspired brights, these three Italian colour trends can clash or complement.

Meet the 52 Global Colours of B&C MY POLO

These global trends have inspired us to create unique and distinctive colour collections for each of the NEW B&C MY POLO styles, reflecting their individual personalities. Each B&C MY POLO duo has its own distinctive colour collection to match its wearer expectations. Street ready, sophisticated or stand-out, every tone has been carefully created to meet a wide range of wear opportunities.


Designed in 2 weights and 3 fabrics, in short-and -long sleeved versions, and always available in duo, the commonality of styling and fit of B&C MY POLO make the range of 10 styles easy to navigate.

My Polo 180: 4 styles in 180 gsm ring-spun cotton, 30 colours including Meta and Blush Colour capsules.

My Polo 210: 4 styles in 210 gsm ring- spun cotton, 30 colours including Heather and Amalfi Colour Capsules

My Eco Polo 65/35_°: 2 styles in a blend of 65% RCS recycled polyester/ 35% ring-spun Better Cotton, 20 colours including Pop and Digital Pastel Colour Capsules.

Discover B&C MY POLO styles