Since its early days in the 1980s, when streetwear first originated from hip-hop and skate culture, this casual style has evolved from subculture to mainstream fashionThe skater generation has grown-up, and their style has come of age!


No longer limited to youth, streetwear has found its adult form, with grown up interpretations which are gender-and ageless making their way from the street to the workplace.  But if there’s no age cut-off for wearing streetwear making it work as an adult requires a delicate balance between sophistication and urban style.

To pull off a more mature look it’s essential to focus on fit, quality and minimalism. Streetwear styles in good fabrics with the right cut and subtle prints will ensure the look stays stylish, suitably ‘under the radar’. The trick is to create a more refined ‘jeans and sweatshirt’ look, one that comfortably reflects everyday style.  Tailored and streamlined versions of pieces such as distressed denim, hooded sweatshirts and graphic tees will bring street style to any grown-up wardrobe, avoiding the teenager look.


If streetwear’s casual and relaxed vibe may not be appropriate for all professional environments, it is increasingly finding it’s place in more casual work settings. Social media has played a significant role in increasing the acceptability of streetwear fashion across a range of areas by allowing influencers to showcase the style to a broader audience. Coupled with the rise of athleisure and the growing acceptance of casual dress in the workplace, streetwear’s mainstream appeal is still growing, and so is its relevance as part of professional wear.

In the right workplace setting incorporating streetwear items like hoodies and graphic tees into uniforms and team wear will help create a more relaxed look which can comfortably be worn by staff of all ages and any gender. Comfortable and contemporary, but stylish too.


Sweatshirts, and notably hoodies, are a staple piece in streetwear fashion and they play a crucial role in more grown-up streetwear too. A well-made sweatshirt can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit, making it a cornerstone of a more casual uniform.  Pairing a well-fitted sweatshirt with tailored trousers and sneakers will create a sleek and stylish look that is perfect for a going to work, a casual night-out and running errands at the weekend.

Another way to elevate a hoodie into a grown-up streetwear piece is to layer it with other clothing items. For example, wear a hoodie under a leather jacket or blazer and it to create a sleek and stylish outfit. Choosing the right colour is also key. Neutral colours like black, grey or navy with muted prints will be more sophisticated while brighter colours and bolder prints will create a more playful and edgy look.


With 6 lines, 20 styles, 61 colours and a range of fits, fabrics and sizes, there is sure to be a B&C sweatshirt style to meet your grown-up streetwear need, whether it’s for work or leisure.