Trends – Dare to use textures!

Current trends favour the addition of texture to textiles, either through the structure of the material itself or through the addition of textured decoration.
But how do you do it?
Combine several decorating techniques to create that perception of structure.
Here are some inspirations.

Break away from traditional embroidery by combining it with printing

By combining the best of printing and embroidery you will obtain an ultra qualitative, artistic and retail result.

Pimp your embroidery

Looking to add an extra touch or try something different to your embroidery projects?
Why not add 3D puffy foam to your embroidery designs to literally make them stand out!
The results are impressive.

Puff up your prints

Puff inks contain an additive that swells when drying. This gives your design a three-dimensional look. When creating a design, you have more options than just art and color – you can also add depth to that list. Puffy ink creates a new dimension and is a great way to add depth to a design.

Combine materials through your design.

Put knitwear on a single jersey for a surprising effect.


Remember that the quality of your base fabric is the foundation of the solution to achieve a superior result.