I benefici delle relazioni a lungo termine con i nostri partner

B&C vanta una forte presenza locale nel principale mercato di approvvigionamento. In questo modo, costruiamo partnership autentiche con i nostri fornitori. Questo è un beneficio per i prodotti, ma anche per le persone e il pianeta.

B&C: 25 anni di esperienza e di rapporti stretti

Meno è meglio. Ecco perché, fin dall’inizio, B&C preferisce lavorare con un numero limitato di fabbriche partner per rifornirci dei nostri indumenti. Collaboriamo solo con 11 fornitori: 8 in Bangladesh, 2 in Cina e 1 in Pakistan. Attualmente, il 95% del nostro volume proviene solo da 4 dei nostri partner.

Questo ci permette di investire in rapporti di stretta collaborazione e a lungo termine. Oltre l’80% del nostro volume è prodotto in fabbriche con le quali lavoriamo da oltre 15 anni. Grazie a una forte presenza nei nostri mercati di approvvigionamento, abbiamo contatti quotidiani con le nostre fabbriche partner.

Perché preferiamo relazioni rispettose e a lungo termine

After all that time, we know each other inside out. We have built a genuine partnership over the years, sharing knowledge, voicing concerns (from both sides), improving on efficiency and sustainability. This is a crucial part of being a responsible buyer.

We provide our suppliers with production plans in advance and offer reasonable prices, payment and delivery terms. This prevents our partner factories from working with subcontractors or generating excessive overtime to produce all goods on time. Because we book capacity several months in advance, our suppliers can organise their factories efficiently and more sustainably.

La vostra garanzia di qualità e sostenibilità

Our partners are carefully selected. Several B&C departments are involved to make sure that our suppliers deliver the quality you expect, but also that they adhere to our sustainability commitments.

  • Read more on how we select partner factories.

Thanks to a thorough analysis and prior verification of any new production locations, we are sure that all B&C requirements are met before we place our first order. We consolidate our relationships of trust and ensure that their codes of conduct are aligned with our own corporate social responsibility commitments.

Our suppliers all sign and apply the B&C Code of Conduct that details labour standards, health and safety, anti-corruption, environmental standards, animal welfare, enforcement & compliance commitments. Our Code of Conduct is based on the principles and philosophy of the United Nations Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also includes all the recommendations of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and follows the Fair Wear Foundation Code of Conduct.

This way you can rest assured that our supply chain excels in good practices regarding employment, social rights, environmental protection and faire business practices.