B&C European HQ & Asian Office are carbon neutral!

As a responsible company we feel it’s our duty to reduce our environmental impact and so help prevent global warming exceeding 1.5° by the end of the century. Calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint so we can consciously work to reduce it and offset it as necessary is key to our sustainability objectives. We’re proud that we’ve achieved our Carbon Neutral Company* goal in 2021, and we’ll continue our efforts every year.

*This does not cover emissions produced in the production process, from farm to warehouse.

How did we do it?


Working with Climate Partner, a certified 3rd party, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), we measured the emissions produced by our Head Office in Waterloo and our Local Liaison office in Dhaka including energy consumption, office supplies, waste, company travel etc*

Our 2021 emissions were 540 tonnes in CO2 equivalent, setting our target for immediate offsetting and future reduction.

*This calculation does not cover emissions produced in the production process, from farm to warehouse.

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The good news is we’ve already significantly reduced our emissions, by 44% in fact since 2019. We’re now looking forward, and we know we’ll have to work hard to keep our emissions as low as possible in the future.

We can only do this by making the best choices in energy, travel and office design and by implementing the right procedures in recycling and paperless communications. These are all things the whole B&C team is focused on, whatever their job.


We can’t reduce our emissions to zero but as it’s important for us that our European HQ and Asian Office be Carbon Neutral we decided to offset the 540 tonnes of CO2 equivalent we produce by investing in recognised carbon offset projects such as the ones recognised by the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard and the Clean Development Mechanism.

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We chose to support a project close to our production centres in Bangladesh. The Clean Cookstove project provides families with cooking systems that minimise energy consumption whilst limiting the negative health impacts and improving living conditions.

Families save energy, reduce carbon emissions and because smoke is led outside through a chimney they are no longer exposed to toxic smoke in their homes. It also helps to limit deforestation, as the cookstoves need less wood.

What’s more, this aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals we have committed to focus on.

Becoming a carbon neutral company is integral to our holistic approach to sustainability. To find out more about all our environmental, social and economic initiatives go to Sustainability | B&C Collection

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