We are member of amfori BSCI

How do we make sure your garments are sustainable and ethically sound? We partnered with amfori BSCI to conduct intensive audits of our entire supply chain. That way (y)our products please even the most critical customers.

What is amfori BSCI?

B&C is a proud member of amfori BSCI. The amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an industry-driven movement enabling companies to improve social performance in their supply chains.

To reach this goal, amfori BSCI conducts audits to assess workplace standards across our global supply chain and to ensure that all our partner factories are treating their workers ethically and legally.

Environmental and ethical criteria

As a founding member of BSCI, B&C endorses the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct includes the 8 International Labour Organisation principles and adds environmental and ethical criteria. This raises the minimum standards we expect from our suppliers.

amfori BSCI also proposes audit reports that are continuously updated, quality checked, and widely recognised. amfori BSCI ranks audited factories from A (excellent) to E (poor). Based on the audit, a corrective action plan shows factories how they can increase their score.

This helps garment companies such as B&C to partner with responsible suppliers and to improve the sustainability of our supply chain.

How does amfori BSCI screen our supply chain?

To check the social and sustainable performance of our garment supply chain, independent third-party auditors carry out extensive audits along the following protocols:

  • Explanatory meeting with representatives of the factory
  • Interview with factory managers to verify compliance and policies
  • Exhaustive inspection of the factory installations
  • Private and confidential interviews with a sample of workers
  • Review of all relevant documentation
  • Discussion with management of conclusions and corrective actions

The B&C compliance team will review all corrective actions on a monthly basis with the factories’ management. This way, you can be sure that your garments are ethically sound.