Ethical garments for your brand thanks to our Code of Conduct

B&C wants to guarantee that your garments are ethically sound. Read below how we apply our Code of Conduct to do so.

A Code of Conduct for our suppliers

At B&C, we have a Code of Conduct that describes the rules we want to adhere to. It covers 12 key principles: the 8 principles of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), plus safety, environmental, animal-welfare and anti-bribery commitments.

Before we place any order with new suppliers, they have to sign our Code of Conduct, but also the Fair Wear Foundation’s Code of Labour Practices and the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct.

So, our suppliers know what we expect from them and you know that we deliver ethical products.

B&C’s 12 key principles for ethical garments

  1. Employment contracts
    Working relationships have to be legally binding.
  2. No discrimination
    Employees shall not be subject to discrimination of any kind.
  3. Payment of a decent wage
    Wages need to meet the legal standards and the basic needs of workers.
  4. No forced labour
    There shall be no use of forced, bonded or prison labour.
  5. Freedom of association
    Workers have the right to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively.
  6. No child labour
    Workers should have at least the age of completed compulsory education (min. 15).
  7. Working hours
    According to applicable laws and industry standards, including overtime allowances.
  8. No harassment or abuse
    Workers need to be treated with dignity and respect, without harm or abuse.
  9. Environmental standards
    The environmental impact needs to be limited (e.g. on soil, air, water…).
  10. Healthy working conditions
    A safe and hygienic working environment, occupational health and safety practices.
  11. Fire and building safety
    Employers need to take measures to prevent accidents and injuries.
  12. No corruption or bribery
    Full integrity is expected from all business parties.

Respect for our Code of Conduct?

These principles are not just hollow words. B&C also carries out inspections and audits – both according to schedule and without prior notice – to make sure the Code of Conduct is applied by our suppliers.

If a principle is not respected, corrective actions are set up with the technical support of B&C. If after an agreed period, the situation hasn’t improved, B&C will stop cooperation with the supplier.

A copy of the code of conduct must be displayed at the main staff entrances and exits at the manufacturer’s facilities, in English and the local language, including a B&C contact e-mail for any complaints.

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