Since it first appeared during polo matches many lifetimes ago, the polo shirt has been on a roll. From the days of tennis whites to the 70’s knitted and striped iterations to boxy cuts made famous on the golf course, as a timeless staple it’s never really gone out of style but now, in 2023, it’s riding a new wave as key trends make it a fashion choice for work and leisure.


Black and white will never go out of style, but this year bold, bright and statement colours are on the rise. Matched with the right key pieces, stand-out shades elevate the classic polo to new heights of style at work and smart casual leisure looks. Give your polo collection a positive twist by adding this year’s colours.


What’s the secret to effortless all-season styling in 2023? The answer lies in layering – select your favourite short-or long-sleeved polo shirt and sweatshirt or jacket so you can transition from outdoors to the office or home without sacrificing chic style. Or wear your short-sleeved style over your long-sleeved polo to create a colour contrasted street style look. Layering is a timeless styling technique that’s making a comeback, it’s a great way to create a versatile wardrobe. Mix it up and choose your key pieces for any occasion to dress your outfit up or down.


Wherever your wear it, keep your polo shirt look stylish but relaxed by choosing the right fit. With less emphasis on fitted silhouettes and the continued trend for polo shirts not to be tucked-in, a classic more comfortable shape is trending. With room to move and breathe and more adaptable to any silhouette, don’t be afraid to go oversize.


From Lacoste to Ralph Lauren, the graphic polo shirt is integral to most polo shirt collections in 2023. Bold prints and bright colours come together to create statement pieces which challenge the traditional graphic t-shirt. More stylish and versatile, the polo shirt can also be fun and youthful with the right design.


It’s on everyone’s mind, staying fashionable with consideration for people and planet. Stay one step ahead by choosing your favourite polo shirt from a collection which not only includes styles made from more sustainable fabrics but is also from a brand that puts sustainability at the heart of its business.


Modern classic styling with a crafted relaxed construction and gendered fits to flatter all silhouettes; a distinctive collar with 2-button placket; made of innovative OPTIMIUM™ fine piqué fabric for perfect comfort and printability, and available in short-and long-sleeved versions for men and women, B&C MY POLO styles have been designed to seamlessly transition from work to leisure, as at ease in a smart casual office as in the gym or on a night out.

With an extensive palette featuring unique trending capsule colour collections matched to the personality and wear opportunities of each style, so you can be as bold as you like with B&C MY POLO.



At B&C we strongly believe in a holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing environmental, social, and economic considerations.


S/S 2023 COLOUR TRENDS. From New York to Milan, the guide to what’s hot


With a range of hues to rival any artist’s palette, global trends for S/S 23 exude confidence, with the return of core colour groups – brights, neutrals, pastels, jewel and earth tones. These shades can transition between seasons, extending the life span of a colours creating a more sustainable range.


Bright shades of green, red and blue have featured across many S/S 23 collections, signalling the continued return of positivity in fashion. Often balanced with classic or muted shades they create striking silhouettes which can transition from casual street wear to stylish work apparel and even sophisticated evening wear.

Soft pastels are still around too, with delicate pinks in the spotlight for men and women alike. Mellow greens and blues complement a romantic trend, conjuring warm seas and Mediterranean skies, the warmth of summer.

The glamour of golden and metallic shades transcends day and night, with gold featuring widely in numerous collections, whilst subtle texture in more muted colours adds depth.

Strike the right balance and let this season’s global colours turn up the volume on your collection.

FASHION WEEKS FEATURE Timeless transitional shades, bold brights and textured tones

NEW YORK: Fantasy, Calm and Utility are the order of the day, expressed through 3 bold and innovative palettes.

LONDON: Ultra-calming neutrals and bright, clashing colours are at the heart of these three colour themes

PARIS: Chic neutral muted tones paired with pops of pastel sums up the three key Parisian colour inspirations

MILAN: From strong neutrals to Y2K-inspired brights, these three Italian colour trends can clash or complement.

Meet the 52 Global Colours of B&C MY POLO

These global trends have inspired us to create unique and distinctive colour collections for each of the NEW B&C MY POLO styles, reflecting their individual personalities. Each B&C MY POLO duo has its own distinctive colour collection to match its wearer expectations. Street ready, sophisticated or stand-out, every tone has been carefully created to meet a wide range of wear opportunities.


Designed in 2 weights and 3 fabrics, in short-and -long sleeved versions, and always available in duo, the commonality of styling and fit of B&C MY POLO make the range of 10 styles easy to navigate.

My Polo 180: 4 styles in 180 gsm ring-spun cotton, 30 colours including Meta and Blush Colour capsules.

My Polo 210: 4 styles in 210 gsm ring- spun cotton, 30 colours including Heather and Amalfi Colour Capsules

My Eco Polo 65/35_°: 2 styles in a blend of 65% RCS recycled polyester/ 35% ring-spun Better Cotton, 20 colours including Pop and Digital Pastel Colour Capsules.

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Retail Quality: Innovative B&C High Density Fine Piqué

The exceptional quality of our fine piqué has always been the hallmark of B&C’s leading polo shirts. For the new generation B&C My Polo range we have worked with state-of-the-art German fabric finishing technology to further improve the quality of our fabric, delivering enhanced softness, comfort and impeccable printability, with a retail quality feel. By enhancing the structure and finish of the ring-spun fabric we’ve also improved the consistency of colours and weights, and its durability.

The benefits of OPTIMIUM™ ring-spun fabric

State-of-the-art German fabric finishing technology has established a new quality level in ring-spun piqué fabric, bringing significant improvements with regards to styling, comfort, decoration and durability:

  • Perfect fabric hand,
  • Perfect fabric to wear,
  • Outstanding printability,
  • No hairiness,
  • Low shrinkage,
  • Stability of colours,
  • Stability of weight,
  • High quality consistency.

Woven with precision and care to deliver a tight consistent result, finished using processes that improve the fabric’s strength, stability and appearance, the new OPTIMIUM™ fabric has an outstanding decoration surface. It ensures the perfect render of detailed and colourful graphics, setting a new standard in fine piqué. That’s what helps make B&C My Polo the new reference in polo shirts.

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Outstanding for Decoration

We know how important it is for decoration results to be perfect: fine details, sparkling colours and lasting prints are all of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve made sure that our new OPTIMIUM™ fabric meets the highest standards, whether for print or embroidery. The retail quality high-density fine piqué fabric delivers enhanced, durable results. Great for logos, brand messaging and graphics from corporate to retail.

B&C MY POLO, the new reference in polo shirts

Available in 2 weights, in short-and -long sleeved versions, and always in duo, the commonality of styling and fit make this range of 10 styles easy to navigate.

Discover B&C MY POLO styles




B&C Polo shirts have led the market since 1997 thanks to their recognised design, quality and suitability for decoration. Now, after 25 years, we’re proud to launch a new generation of distinctive polos, grounded in our heritage but designed for the future.

Our passion for original thinking and rejecting the normal has led us to look for new levels of quality not just in design and fit, but also in fabrics and printability, to meet new wearer expectations and stay aligned with technological innovations.


We’ve kept things simple by creating our own ‘Classic Modern’ design, inspired by the polo heritage of iconic retail brands but renewed to meet the expectations of the modern wearer. With their uniquely distinctive 2-button placket for both men and women and meticulous construction B&C MY POLO styles have both a polished look and comfortable fit.
Declined in 2 weights and 3 fabrics, in short-and -long sleeved versions, and always available in duo, the commonality of styling and fit make this range of 10 styles easy to navigate.

  • B&C My Polo 180: 4 styles in 180 gsm ring-spun cotton
  • B&C My Polo 210: 4 styles in 210 gsm ring- spun cotton
  • B&C My Eco Polo 65/35_°: 2 styles in a blend of 65% RCS recycled polyester/ 35% ring-spun Better Cotton


OPTIMIUM™ Fabric: Retail Quality

The B&C MY POLO line is made from state-of-the-art fabric, using the latest finishing technology to further improve the quality – that’s OPTIMIUM™.

Find out more about OPTIMIUM™


We know how important it is for decoration results to be perfect: fine details, sparkling colours and lasting prints are all of the utmost importance. All B&C MY POLO styles are tried and tested to deliver the best outcomes every time.

Check-out B&C MY POLO Decoration


Thanks to their perfect fit, consistently wide size range (XS to 5XL) and broad colour palette (52 colours) B&C MY POLO styles can dress up or down in any environment. Their quality and design will stand out in all circumstances, whatever the occasion.

Discover B&C MY POLO styles



Since its early days in the 1980s, when streetwear first originated from hip-hop and skate culture, this casual style has evolved from subculture to mainstream fashionThe skater generation has grown-up, and their style has come of age!


No longer limited to youth, streetwear has found its adult form, with grown up interpretations which are gender-and ageless making their way from the street to the workplace.  But if there’s no age cut-off for wearing streetwear making it work as an adult requires a delicate balance between sophistication and urban style.

To pull off a more mature look it’s essential to focus on fit, quality and minimalism. Streetwear styles in good fabrics with the right cut and subtle prints will ensure the look stays stylish, suitably ‘under the radar’. The trick is to create a more refined ‘jeans and sweatshirt’ look, one that comfortably reflects everyday style.  Tailored and streamlined versions of pieces such as distressed denim, hooded sweatshirts and graphic tees will bring street style to any grown-up wardrobe, avoiding the teenager look.


If streetwear’s casual and relaxed vibe may not be appropriate for all professional environments, it is increasingly finding it’s place in more casual work settings. Social media has played a significant role in increasing the acceptability of streetwear fashion across a range of areas by allowing influencers to showcase the style to a broader audience. Coupled with the rise of athleisure and the growing acceptance of casual dress in the workplace, streetwear’s mainstream appeal is still growing, and so is its relevance as part of professional wear.

In the right workplace setting incorporating streetwear items like hoodies and graphic tees into uniforms and team wear will help create a more relaxed look which can comfortably be worn by staff of all ages and any gender. Comfortable and contemporary, but stylish too.


Sweatshirts, and notably hoodies, are a staple piece in streetwear fashion and they play a crucial role in more grown-up streetwear too. A well-made sweatshirt can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit, making it a cornerstone of a more casual uniform.  Pairing a well-fitted sweatshirt with tailored trousers and sneakers will create a sleek and stylish look that is perfect for a going to work, a casual night-out and running errands at the weekend.

Another way to elevate a hoodie into a grown-up streetwear piece is to layer it with other clothing items. For example, wear a hoodie under a leather jacket or blazer and it to create a sleek and stylish outfit. Choosing the right colour is also key. Neutral colours like black, grey or navy with muted prints will be more sophisticated while brighter colours and bolder prints will create a more playful and edgy look.


With 6 lines, 20 styles, 61 colours and a range of fits, fabrics and sizes, there is sure to be a B&C sweatshirt style to meet your grown-up streetwear need, whether it’s for work or leisure.




Sweatshirts are everywhere. On the street, in the gym, at work, in clubs; they’re the perfect garment to showcase your brand, your message, your design, your creativity. In short, they’re your canvas, so how can you make sure you get the perfect lasting, vibrant print?

Not all sweatshirts are created equal

Sweatshirts come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and clearly, you’ll always want to pick a style that matches your need. Classic, casual or on-trend, with or without hood or zip, there’s a wealth of choice out there. But when it comes to decoration, not all options deliver the same result. The trick to getting the best outcome is making sure you choose the best fabric.

Tight knit, smooth surface

It’s a fact that the quality and construction of a sweatshirts’ fabric plays a huge role in determining not only how easy it will be to print, but also how colours will be rendered and how well they will last over time. There’s no secret, the better the fabric, the better your result will be.

The quality of a sweatshirts’ printing surface is largely determined by 2 factors:

  1. Tightness of the knit. The fabric loops are closer together, resulting in a smoother surface to absorb the ink. This allows for a more vibrant and detailed print, as the ink is less likely to seep into the fabric, creating a blurry or inconsistent design. Tight knit fabrics also tend to be more durable as the fabric is less likely to stretch or lose its shape over time. This is key when printing on sweatshirts, as designs will be less likely to crack or fade even after multiple washes.
  2. Smoothness of the surface. This allows for the ink to be distributed in a consistent way, resulting in clear and vibrant print results. A rough or textured surface on the other hand, can lead to uneven distribution of ink, leading to a faint and inconsistent print. A smooth surface also makes it easier to apply pressure when printing, which helps to ensure the ink is evenly distributed. This results in sharper and more detailed print, particularly when printing small or intricate designs.

So, how do you make sure you get the best sweatshirt in the right fabric to make your design stand-out?

Printability excellence with B&C

The B&C Sweatshirt collection can meet all your needs in terms of styles, colours, sizes and budget, but it’s also designed and tested so that each garment has the perfect printing surface to deliver a high-quality result.

For your finest, most subtle designs discover the B&C PST, with it’s 100% combed cotton outer surface. Tightly knit and extremely smooth, it will deliver the best print result every time.

You’ve got a premium design to showcase?  B&C Royal PST line combines the advantages of B&C PST with an ultrasoft peached feel. A luxurious look and hand feel with an enhanced printing surface and excellent pilling resistance.  Who could ask for more?

Sustainable and highly printable? The fabric of the B&C Inspire line, made of 80% pre-shrunk ring-spun combed OCS certified Organic (5%) and Organic in Conversion Cotton blend and 20% RCS certified Recycled Polyester has been tested and approved for all standard printing techniques applicable on cotton.

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Unchain your creativity

From simple logos to complex designs – a one of a kind piece that’s on-trend and stylish, the comfortable streetwear sweat with its bold graphic, the sweat for work that carries your image – make sure you choose the right style in the best fabric. You’ll have no limitations on design or colours – do what you feel and make it last.



The last few years have seen the rise of Oversized Sweatshirts being worn on the street, at the office and even on the red carpet! This is one on-trend style that’s quickly become a staple in every wardrobe thanks to its comfortable and relaxed fit and its versatility.

1. From casual to catwalk

Your favourite oversize sweat is not just for lounging around the house anymore. Since many high-end fashion brands have jumped on board producing their own premium versions, oversized sweatshirts are being dressed up (or down) to create unique looks.  Paired with fashionable cropped skinny jeans and heels for perfect French Girl style, or baggy pants and sneakers for real street cred. From cover-up to statement piece, the oversized sweatshirt has made its mark across the fashion spectrum.

2. Mix, match and layer

Coordinating a look isn’t just about colour. Fabric and volume also have a role to play. Pairing your oversize sweatshirt with fitted pieces adds an extra dimension in which to mix and match, creating more unique looks by adding volume to the equation.

Or think about layering. It’s a problem when you only consider fitted styles, but add an oversize into the mix and you immediately create more options, keeping your silhouette clean, with no unsightly bumps or uncomfortable bunching.

3. Make a statement

Want your look to stand-out? With bold logos, stand out graphics and vibrant colours OVERSIZE sweatshirts offer a fun and unique way to express your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic and understated look or a bold and eye-catching outfit, there’s an oversized sweatshirt to match your mood.

4. Surf on a trend

With their versatility, comfort and statement making style it’s no wonder oversized sweatshirts have become a must-have for any athleisure brand. Transitioning from office to errands and then to your workout without having to change is a real time saver. A roomy, warm and cozy sweatshirt is your ideal partner on those days when a comfortable laid-back look is what fits your mood.

5. The B&C Royal Sweatshirts have OVERSIZE credibility

Extremely soft and luxurious and with a modern cut that make them look just as good in OVERSIZE as for classic wear, the B&C Royal Line is all you need if you’re looking for versatile sweatshirts which you can style in your own unique way.

Their supreme printability will make your bold graphics shine, whichever of the 21 available colours you choose as your oversize canvas.



Improving the livelihood of workers (and their families) in our partner factories is one of the key objectives of our social sustainability strategy, and one of the ways we can offer tangible support is through supporting Fair Price Shops on factory premises in partnership with our suppliers.

Improving the daily lives of workers

We’re all affected by the current inflationary pressures, with prices from energy to daily necessities increasing more than we’ve known for many years in most European countries. But we’re not alone,  the cost of living has also increased in Asia, and notably in Bangladesh where daily necessities have seen increasing prices over recent months.


A shop distributing essential commodities, accessible to workers within the factory and located on factory premises. It increases the purchasing power of workers by offering discounts of 5%-20% on commodities such as rice, lentils, oil, soap, toothpaste etc. Operated by specialist organisations, these shops also offer workers additional advantages such as medical insurance.

The first B&C supported Fair Price Shop is open!

We’re very pleased that one of our factory partners has given us the opportunity to contribute to the establishment of a FAIR PRICE SHOP in their factories.

The shop was officially opened by our CEO Murielle Degeest and our partner’s senior management in late December 2022. We’re convinced this will allow workers involved in the production of our garments to access products that will help them and their families live better every day.

In addition to offering basic commodities at discounted prices, B&C’s support can in future allow for extra promotions with special discounts on selected products. The licensed operator who will run the shop has also committed to providing free medical insurance to workers who are loyal shoppers. That’s a great advantage for workers, their families and the community as a whole!

A springboard for the improvement of living conditions

Only 30 apparel producing companies in Bangladesh have set-up this type facility for their workers so we are very proud that one of our trusted partners is amongst this number. It shows that we share the same values and it’s the perfect springboard for future partnerships focused on the continuous improvement of working conditions in factories.

Find out more about B&C’s Commitment to People

We act for people: B&C Corporate Partner of Médecins Sans Frontières


The last couple of years have shown us how fragile health can be, even here in the developed world where we have accessible and high-quality healthcare. It has only served to reinforce how big the need is elsewhere in the world, where even the most basic health services are often out of reach of much of the population. Thanks to our official partnership with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), we now help support medical and humanitarian aid around the world.

B&C acts for people through its corporate partnership with MSF

At B&C we are constantly looking for ways in which we can actively bring to life our commitment to people. Better provision of healthcare, primarily of course in Bangladesh where we are closely bound to the local population, is now possible thanks to our corporate partnership with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières).

MSF provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. In Bangladesh for example, MSF runs an occupational health programme for people living in the Kamrangirchar slum area of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. Activities include curative care for people diagnosed with illnesses/morbidities, preventive services (e.g tetanus vaccination) and more. In just one year, MSF teams conducted almost 5,000 occupational health consultations in Kamrangirchar. We’re proud to be able to contribute to their efforts.

There is also a real crisis in Pakistan, where catastrophic flooding in Autumn 2022 has devastated homes and livelihoods, cutting off whole communities from food and water supplies and creating breeding grounds for diseases. These communities are ones we know and care about, as some are involved in the production of our garments. MSF are on the ground there, providing much needed humanitarian aid, which we also support through our partnership and contribution to their emergency fund.

Click here to find out more about MSF and their projects: MSF – Médecins Sans Frontières | Medical humanitarian organisation

Audits to guarantee sustainability of (y)our products


How do we practice what we preach when it comes to sustainability? Thanks to regular internal and external audits, we make sure that our products are produced in the best possible circumstances. This is how we conduct them.

B&C aims at sustainability

The fashion industry has often been under scrutiny for poor labour conditions or human rights violations.

But not B&C! We have consciously opted to invest in sustainability, offering you quality and the guarantee of good conduct.

That’s why we are member of the Fair Wear Foundation, a multi-stakeholder non-profit organisation guiding more than 140 textile brands to improve labour conditions in the garment industry. At the same time, we are member of amfori BSCI, that encompasses environmental conditions in their Code of Labour Practice.

It’s more than just words

Fair Wear Foundation regularly and independently audits B&C and its partner factories. Based on discussions with the management, thorough inspections of the factories and anonymous interviews with workers, detailed corrective actions are proposed to further improve the situation. This helps them reach excellence step by step. We’re very proud that these diligent ongoing actions mean that we are now A Fair Wear Foundation Leader.

Additionally, amfori BSCI audits are also conducted in our partner factories according to their standards. The requirements demand a strong commitment and involvement from all B&C departments. Our team of 22 people in Dhaka is key to closely monitor the progress of our factories. Our colleagues visit all factories almost on a daily basis. This helps to monitor the social standards are maintained, but also that no subcontracting is happening…

99% of our production from audited factories

By partnering with the Fair Wear Foundation and amfori BSCI, we work together to improve the social and environmental performance of our supply chain. Thanks to regular audits and Corrective Action Plans follow-ups,we don’t have only one picture of our sustainability per year, but a continuous overview of the respect for people, product and planet throughout our production lines.

In total, 99% of the garments produced for B&C come from externally, independently audited factories. To put things in perspective, the minimum monitoring threshold requirement to be long-term member of the Fair Wear Foundation is 80%. So, we take the sustainability of (y)our garments very seriously.

How to we keep track of sustainability?

95% of our team are locals and the head of our B&C Asian Office has a 25+ years of experience in Asia. Our Compliance Manager is a former Senior Auditor, and she drives consistent, efficient checks, follow-up and improvement processes. With the support of our team based in Europe and the Asian office, we make sure (y)our products are socially and environmentally sound.