It’s time for self expression again, and A/W 2022 colours will reflect the need to show our feelings and hopes.


All the colours are rather new, apart from one of last season’s favourites, lilac. It’s still one of the key colours for winter 2022 along with other pastels such as pink and soft gray, in the mix for a softer touch, and if you’re looking for a shot a dopamine, RED is definitely still on trend.

Good news if stepping into your walk-in-closet feels like going to a candy shop


Looking for something new? Say hello to winter whites and Greek blues, shades of Mykonos are on trend for the upcoming season, bringing light and brightness to winter skies. But we’ll also see more rich colours to warm hearts and minds.

So, what are the fashion colours which will be added to many seasonal wardrobes? Blue, green, grey, orange?
In fact, BROWN and PALE YELLOW are to be some of the most fashionable colours this winter, expressed through a range of warm shades and hues which will warm the heart. But if you’re looking for something with even more standout, METALLICS are also set to be on trend for the holiday season and beyond, into spring/summer 2023. Gold and silver, radiating excitement and light.


From buttery lights to dark almost black hues reminiscent of dark oak or strong sturdy shades with red hues, brown is here to stay for more than one season.


As for yellow, winter 2022 will start in pale yellow hues and move to deeper shades as we move through the season, right through to a deep honeycomb, adding uplifting warmth.

You’ll find all these and many more in our colour palette which includes 130 shades for t-shirts, poloshirts, sweatshirts and hoods.

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B&C European HQ & Asian Office are carbon neutral!


As a responsible company we feel it’s our duty to reduce our environmental impact and so help prevent global warming exceeding 1.5° by the end of the century. Calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint so we can consciously work to reduce it and offset it as necessary is key to our sustainability objectives. We’re proud that we’ve achieved our Carbon Neutral Company* goal in 2021, and we’ll continue our efforts every year.

*This does not cover emissions produced in the production process, from farm to warehouse.

How did we do it?


Working with Climate Partner, a certified 3rd party, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol), we measured the emissions produced by our Head Office in Waterloo and our Local Liaison office in Dhaka including energy consumption, office supplies, waste, company travel etc*

Our 2021 emissions were 540 tonnes in CO2 equivalent, setting our target for immediate offsetting and future reduction.

*This calculation does not cover emissions produced in the production process, from farm to warehouse.

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The good news is we’ve already significantly reduced our emissions, by 44% in fact since 2019. We’re now looking forward, and we know we’ll have to work hard to keep our emissions as low as possible in the future.

We can only do this by making the best choices in energy, travel and office design and by implementing the right procedures in recycling and paperless communications. These are all things the whole B&C team is focused on, whatever their job.


We can’t reduce our emissions to zero but as it’s important for us that our European HQ and Asian Office be Carbon Neutral we decided to offset the 540 tonnes of CO2 equivalent we produce by investing in recognised carbon offset projects such as the ones recognised by the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard and the Clean Development Mechanism.

Find out more about Carbon offset projects

We chose to support a project close to our production centres in Bangladesh. The Clean Cookstove project provides families with cooking systems that minimise energy consumption whilst limiting the negative health impacts and improving living conditions.

Families save energy, reduce carbon emissions and because smoke is led outside through a chimney they are no longer exposed to toxic smoke in their homes. It also helps to limit deforestation, as the cookstoves need less wood.

What’s more, this aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals we have committed to focus on.

Becoming a carbon neutral company is integral to our holistic approach to sustainability. To find out more about all our environmental, social and economic initiatives go to Sustainability | B&C Collection

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College sweatshirts never go out of style


Since Ivy League students in the US made it part of the preppy look in the 1950s, wearing sweatshirts with the name of their school or team on campus, this timeless style has become a staple of every college and school wear wardrobe around the world.


With bold designs on front, back or chest students everywhere are proud to wear the colours of their school, but they want to be on-trend too. From oversized hoodies to neat sweats which can go from classroom to date, effortless style is a must.


And it’s not just about the garment, the decoration has to look great and last long too! The fabric must provide the smoothest surface for print, ensuring details are bold and colours don’t fade. Quality is not luxury, it’s an obligation.


Let’s talk about fabric, as the needs of both buyers and wearers are evolving. All-season styles, durable conscious fashion, loungewear comfort and new trends in decoration are all driving requests for a range of fabric types which will deliver the best quality in all circumstances.  A sweatshirt collection offering a wide range of fabrics will make it easier to find the right style for each school or university. Meeting customer and wearer expectations as well as the decoration need, you can make sure the result is exactly what’s required.

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A school’s identity is not just its logo, it’s also its colour. And they are not all classic shades! The broader the colour offering of a sweatshirt range, including both classic and more contemporary hues the more likely you are to find the perfect garment in the right colour, the one that will appeal to the young trend conscious wearers.  Apply high quality and durable decoration and you’ll help underpin the values of any school or university.

What’s sure is that every student will want their branded sweatshirt, the one that makes them look fashionable without making it look like they’ve tried too hard!

Get inspired :

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B&C sustainability report is out. Discover it here.


We strongly believe in a holistic approach that considers ecological, social and economic dimensions.

One of our greatest prides remains our commitment to sustainability. This commitment began 25 years ago and has only grown stronger over time, in our production and operating methods, in the content of our products and, of course, in our partnerships with the biggest environmental and supporting fair fashion development organisations. In the last two years, we have taken another step forward by appointing 4 in-house staff members whose mission is entirely dedicated to sustainability issues. We have also become a signatory to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, which will undoubtedly guide us in the future. Because we believe that sustainability is not just about Organic Cotton – far from it. All the B&C collection is produced, transported, or stocked in a way that better respects people, and the planet (using less water, fewer pesticides or less energy). It is with this in mind, with great pride in the projects we have already accomplished and great motivation for the challenges ahead, that we are publishing our first sustainability report this year.

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Trends - Dare to use textures!


Current trends favour the addition of texture to textiles, either through the structure of the material itself or through the addition of textured decoration.
But how do you do it?
Combine several decorating techniques to create that perception of structure.
Here are some inspirations.

Break away from traditional embroidery by combining it with printing

By combining the best of printing and embroidery you will obtain an ultra qualitative, artistic and retail result.

Pimp your embroidery

Looking to add an extra touch or try something different to your embroidery projects?
Why not add 3D puffy foam to your embroidery designs to literally make them stand out!
The results are impressive.

Puff up your prints

Puff inks contain an additive that swells when drying. This gives your design a three-dimensional look. When creating a design, you have more options than just art and color – you can also add depth to that list. Puffy ink creates a new dimension and is a great way to add depth to a design.

Combine materials through your design.

Put knitwear on a single jersey for a surprising effect.


Remember that the quality of your base fabric is the foundation of the solution to achieve a superior result.

Why the piqué quality is key when printing a polo shirt? We tested our "B&C fine piqué", check the results.


Some people doubt the print accuracy that can be achieved on a piqué polo fabric. We took up the challenge and screen tested our B&C Fine Piqué and compared the results with a Standard Piqué. Look at this, it’s without comment:

Another interesting benefit of B&C Fine Piqué: its even and flat surface enables perfect colours reproduction.
When you print coloured visuals, you can be sure the colours will come out bright and vivid.
When working with other open weave piqué, the ink simply falls through, so the colour coverage is not consistent and comes out faded.

The video we made of it shows you how much the quality of the “Piqué” impacts the quality of the print.
Experts have been testing B&C Safran Piqué. They were looking for the limits of the fabric and have tested thin lines, details, engravings, tiny symbols normally used on paper, as well as big flat tints or bright multicolour designs. Water based, discharge, plastisol screen printing or DTG (Direct To Garment)…whatever the technique, the results are amazing!

Watch the video and check what experts say!

Outputs of this test

When screen printing a polo shirt, the quality of the piqué is crucial.

If you want to achieve a faultlessly screen print, you need the smoothest and most even surface with the less hairy yarn possible. This will ensure the perfect detailing and a better end-result of your design. The unique superior quality of the 100% ring-spun combed cotton B&C Fine Piqué has an ultra-tight honeycomb structure, giving a perfectly smooth surface for decoration. This clearly sets it apart from other promotional polo shirt fabrics, allowing for finer prints and perfect detailing.

B&C Fine Piqué is available in:

Our collection

DTG: is it right for a polo piqué?


Yes, DTG (Direct To Garment) is perfectly compatible with printing on polo if your piqué surface is smooth, flat and dense. We did a special test to verify this statement: we printed on B&C Fine Piqué and Single Jersey T-shirts the same designs, at the same time, on the same machine.

Check out the results, it’s amazing!

The video we made of it shows you how the quality of the “piqué” fabric impacts the quality of the print in DTG as well.

Outputs of this test

Look at the result. Speechless, right?

The tighter the knit, the more even is the surface.
As B&C Fine Piqué offers an ultra-tight honeycomb structure, you can achieve perfect detailing.
Some others, not. The unique superior quality of the 100% ring-spun combed cotton B&C Fine Piqué has an ultra-tight honeycomb structure, giving a perfectly smooth surface for decoration.

B&C Fine Piqué is available in:

Our collection

B&C is signatory of the UN Sustainable Development Goals


At B&C, sustainability is a continuous effort. We have a 360° approach to sustainability and our products comply with EU health and safety standards. We adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, because social and environmental sustainability is important for us – we hope for you too.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

In 2015, the UN member states agreed on 17 global goals to be achieved by 2030. These include ending poverty and hunger, creating decent work and economic growth, achieving equality and combating climate change. These goals are also the starting point of B&C’s sustainability strategy.

We want to do our part. That’s why we are committed to enforce the SDGs in our markets. We work to make our supply chains more sustainable through multi-stakeholder collaboration.

We proudly contribute to 7 SDGs

Some SDGs are less relevant to our textile imprint market than others. Therefore, we focus on 7 specific goals:

No poverty

  • We support NGOs acting for higher wages, e.g. through the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).
  • We support farmers in their journey to organic cotton.

Decent work and economic growth

  • Our suppliers comply with ILO (International Labour Organisation) requirements regarding fair working hours, equal pay between genders, no forced or child labour.
  • We contribute to the economic growth of our Asian partners and the livelihood of their workers.

Responsible consumption and production

  • We follow the ILO standards and the FWF code of labour practices.
  • We run social, environmental and governance due diligence processes when selecting new suppliers.
  • We have full traceability and monitoring of our Tier 1 and Tier 2 factories.

Climate action

  • We have increased our share of sustainable fibres.
  • We favour sea freight over air transport.
  • We have a 100% green warehouse that uses solar panels and wind turbines.
  • B&C boxes are 80% made of recycled material and are fully recyclable.

Partnership for the goals

  • We partner with our stakeholders to contribute to a better future.
  • Internally, sustainability is a mindset and a matter for all departments.

Good health and well being

  • We do not use any hazardous substances, as certified by Oeko-tex.
  • We support initiatives that contribute to a healthier life for farmers.

Gender equality

  • Our Code of Conduct requires ‘no discrimation’ of any kind by factory management.
  • We provide training in factories to prevent violence and harassment in the work place.
  • At B&C HQ 50% of the Management Committee is female.